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V5 Subsite-Level Work in Classic CommonSpot

Table of Contents


Restoring Tab Menus

If the menus don't appear when you click on the "Tools & Information," "Page View," or "Properties & Actions" tabs, then the steps below should restore them (for the time being):

This issue does not arise in CommonSpot V6.0 or later, because the tabs and their menus are gone.  We therefore do not expect that there will be any patches to fix it in CommonSpot V5.1.

  1. Go to the admin page for the subsite where you see the problem.

    For example, if the problem is observed on any of

    • http://author.oit.ohio.edu/technology/index.cfm

    • http://author.oit.ohio.edu/technology/hours.cfm

    • http://author.oit.ohio.edu/technology/classroom-of-future.cfm

    then go to

    • http://author.oit.ohio.edu/technology/admin.cfm

    With FireFox, you can select the filename by double-clicking anywhere in that word (unless it contains hyphens or underscores); then just replace it by typing "admin" -- and go there by pressing the "return" or "enter" key.

  2. Click on the first heading, "Subsite Properties."

  3. Click on the second link, "Click here to configure this site's subsite properties."

  4. Click on the third heading, "Caching."

  5. At the bottom of that section, click on the button, "Clear Cache."

  6. Click on the "Close" button when it tells you how many files were removed.

  7. Go back to the page on which the problem occurred, reload it, and try the tab menus again.

  8. Send an e-mail to servicedesk@ohio.edu, reporting what you did, and whether or not that solved the problem.  We are working on this issue with PaperThin, and need to know if it is still happening.


Setting Subsite-level Version History Lifetime

The subsite-wide default set according to the following steps can be overridden on a page-specific basis through the "Document Information" dialog for any page.  All the prior versions are in the databases; this just tells CommonSpot how far back to go when building the list to be displayed in the Version History dialog.

  1. Navigate to your subsite's (or sub-subsite's) admin.cfm page.

  2. Expand the "Subsite Properties" section by clicking on the plus-sign [+] to the left of the section title.

  3. Click on "Click here to configure this site's subsite properties."

  4. Expand the "Version History" section by clicking on the plus-sign [+] to the left of the section title.

  5. Observe the commentary and the current value of the number of days prior versions are to be displayed in the Version History list. 

  6. Change the value as appropriate.

  7. Click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the page.