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V6 Subsite Security in Classic CommonSpot


Table of Contents


Setting Sub-subsite Security

  1. While looking at any page in the CommonSpot dashboard, click on the "Admin" button in the full-width toolbar and choose "Subsite Administration...".

  2. Observe the Select Subsite lightbox; scroll and click on the [+] as needed to see the subsite or sub-subsite you want to work with; click on that subsite, so it is highlighted; click on "Next."

  3. Click on the heading "Security" in the left column.

  4. Click on "General Security" or "Content Security," as appropriate.

  5. Find the check-box with the title "Inherit Security From Parent"; if it is not clear, you can click in it to clear ("un-check") it.  That will display the list of groups or users with specified access.  Click on the pencil at the right end of that line to inspect the specific permissions for each user or group:

    • The group, "Anonymous," means any user who has not logged in (the general public).

    • The group, "Authenticated," means any user who has an Ohio ID, has logged in successfully, and is not in any otherwise listed group; that includes all current employees, all current students, any former student who attended since 1994, any prospective student who got past an early stage in the application process since we began using Peoplesoft for the Student Information System, research collaborators, external vendor staff under contract to do work requiring an Ohio ID, etc. -- perhaps a quarter of a million people.
  6. Inspect the current settings, and change those that do not match your needs; for example, you might make the changes called for in the next section.  You can return to this dialog later to make changes.

  7. When done, close the lightbox.


Restricting Access to a Sub-subsite

For subsites with our standard configuration, in order to establish a sub-subsite that only the pagemasters can access (for example, to experiment with CommonSpot privately), do the above, including clearing the check-box in step 5, and with the following particular steps at step 6:

  1. In "Content Security" click on the "pencil" icon to edit the rights for both "anonymous users" and "authenticated users", setting them both to have no rights.

  2. For both categories of user, do not remove that category.

  3. When done, close the lightbox.