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V6 Subsite-Level Work in Classic CommonSpot

Table of Contents


Restoring Tab Menus

The three tabs, "Tools & Information," "Page View," and "Properties & Actions," that were part of CommonSpot V5 are not part of CommonSpot V6, so the instructions that used to live here are no longer needed.


Clear and Update Cache -- Subsitewide

In order to improve performance, CommonSpot maintains several files on the server disk drives that contain variant versions of each page, ready for sending to the different browser types.  Whenever a page is modified, those cache files must be erased, and then re-created.  At times, the automatic clearing fails; one-page-at-a-time clearing is possible, but for large sites laborious.  Instead, you can clear the cache for a whole subsite:

  1. Login and navigate to any page in the subsite; click on the pencil at the upper-right; select "View Page in CommonSpot."

  2. Click on the Admin button in the full-width navigation bar; select "Subsite Administration..."; choose the subsite; click on the "Next" button at the lower-right.

  3. Click on the orange "Clear Cache" button at the upper-right (the same color and placement as the "Preview" button when working on a page).

  4. Click to check the box to "Include child subsites" -- or not, as appropriate.

  5. Click the "Clear Cache" button at the lower-right.


Setting Subsite-level Version History Lifetime

The subsite-wide default set according to the following steps can be overridden on a page-specific basis through the dashboard's left column dialog for any page.  All the prior versions are in the databases; this just tells CommonSpot how far back to go when building the list to be displayed in the Version History dialog.

  1. Login and navigate to any page in your subsite (or sub-subsite).

  2. Click on the Admin button in the full-width toolbar, and select "Subsite Administration...".

  3. Scroll as needed and click on your subsite so that it is highlighted; then click the Next button.

  4. In the left column, if necessary, click to expand the "Properties" section.

  5. Click on "Version History."

  6. Observe the commentary and the current value of the number of days prior versions are to be displayed in the Version History list. 

  7. Change the value as appropriate.

  8. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the lightbox.