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Customized Searching in Classic CommonSpot

Subsite-Specific Searches

This technique will permit you to create a subsite-specific search using the Ohio University search engine.  It does not permit you to include multiple subsites at the same level, or to include only some of the sub-subsites.  It will return every page in the subsite that you specify, or in any sub-subsite of it, that meets the search criteria the user enters.


Accessing the HTML

Go to http://www.ohio.edu/oit/webservices/static/append4.cfm#realm and follow the steps.  In step 2, copy the HTML fragment provided.  Then open a blank text editor document (e.g., WordPad on Windows or TextEdit on Macintosh), and paste the copied HTML. Once you have done that, you will need to revise the HTML that is presented in green and the HTML that is presented in red on the page linked above, as discussed in the remaining steps on that page.  Save the HTML fragment to a file on your personal computer's disk drive.


HTML Element

Place an HTML fragment element (from the "Miscellaneous" category in the Element Gallery) where you want the search capability to be located on your page.  Click on the phantom link to upload the HTML fragment file that you have just created.

HTML elements can be used to place any form or browser scripting into the BODY of a page; they should be used for those purposes instead of the HTML view of a Formatted Text Block, because the Rich Text Editor operates by scripting and form fields.