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Classic CommonSpot Conclusion

Table of Contents


Practice and Experimentation

If you have not already done so, you should configure the browser you will use for CommonSpot work, as previously discussed:

To reduce the risk of compromising your personal computer's security that would result from having cookies and scripting generally enabled in order to work with CommonSpot, we suggest that you follow the separate instructions for configuring Internet Explorer, or for configuring Firefox; other information about browsers is available from the "Authoring Browsers" link in the secondary navigation block, to the left.  If you can configure your pop-up blocker to trust certain servers, then the list of servers that the pop-up blocker must trust is the same as that given for IE or Firefox to trust in the above-linked pages.

Please feel free to re-rehearse the various activities from the seminar, and to work you way through any items of interest that were skipped over.


Getting to Work

Now that you know how to work in CommonSpot, it is time to work on your own subsite.  Send an E-mail to servicedesk@ohio.edu if you do not yet have authoring access; tell us the full URL, so that we will know what you should be able to work on.