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Linking to Uploaded Files

Once you have uploaded a new document you will want to link to it from your web pages. This document guides you through how to insert a link to an uploaded document in the rich text editor.

  1. Navigate your browser to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/subsite_name/manage
  2. Click Content from the left-side menu on the page (older sites may be labeled Page Content)
  3. Click [Edit] for the page you want to link the document on (older sites may be labeled [E])
  4. Highlight the text you would like to have linked.
  5. Click on the Link button
    screenshot of linking page
  6. In the next window select the radio button for Link to Existing Page, Uploaded Document
    or URL
    then click next.
    screenshot select radio button
  7. In the next window, click the Page Gallery... button.  When the next window opens, select the directory that the document you want to link to is located (in the Subsite field). This is usually one directory up. If you are not the person that uploaded the document, select All Categories instead of My Documents then click Update Results.
    screenshot page gallery
  8. Find the document you would like to link to, highlight it (by clicking on it) and click OK at the bottom of the window. Another window will open with the file information listed. Click the Finish button at the bottom of the page to complete the process. Observe that the highlighted text is now linked to the document you selected.
  9. Now that you are back to your Rich Text Editor and the text is linked to the file you wanted, you can press Finish to save your changes.

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