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The Chillicothe Campus is currently experiencing issues with the Telephone System.  Users are unable to make long distance and other off-campus calls. On-campus calls are still in order. Horizon technicians are working on the issue and will restore the system to full service as quickly as possible.

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The footer is at the bottom of each page and is designed to give contact information to page visitors. The left hand side has the department name and address while the right hand side contains a departmental email address.

  1. From the management page, click on Footer on the left hand side.
  2. Click [Edit] to the left of the footer information displayed on the page
  3. Edit and/or fill in the appropriate information in the form that comes up
    1. Left hand side content is generally "Department Name | Campus Address | 740.59x.xxx". NOTE: The phone number is in dot separated format
    2. Right hand side content is generally "department@ohio.edu" where the department would be the department email address, if one exists.
  4. Double check to make sure all information is correct and click the Submit button to finish