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How to Create a New Page

1. Click Properties & Actions
2. Click Create New Page...
3. Choose the subsite (e.g., folder) in which the new page should be created.
    Make sure the folder you choose is not a 'manage' folder.
4. Choose the template you need to use.
5. Fill out the page properties window as appropriate. If you do not want the
    page to immediately be available to search, edit the Publication Date
    field. If you want the page to automatically become unavailable at a
    particular time, edit the Page Expiration field to choose the expiration
    date for the page. Click Next.
6. After the page is created, it will initially be in an Inactive state. Click
    the bold text on the page to create the page content. After that is
    complete, click the 'Activate Now' button in the lime green bar at the top
    of the page. From now on, any changes to the page should be done through
    the manage interface.