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Web CMS Migration Dashboard

The three-year-long Web Content Management System (Web CMS) project will migrate approximately 200 university websites from CommonSpot to a modern Web CMS that offers improved usability, accessibility, and ease of maintenance. The new service also will make it easier to optimize web pages for search engines, making it more likely that OHIO pages will appear near the top of relevant Internet searches. Finally, the project will encourage digital marketing efforts and facilitate consistent branding across the institution.

Web CMS migration started in August of 2017. We will update this dashboard as we move sites on the prioritized migration list from CommonSpot to the new Web CMS. If you would like to receive monthly project updates, contact the IT Service Desk and ask to be added to the Web CMS News mailing list.

This page was last updated on August 14, 2019.

Migrated Websites

Website Launch Date
Alerts 04/05/2018
Apply 09/18/2018
Faculty Newsmakers 09/24/2018
Annual Report 08/22/2018
College of Health Sciences and Professions 09/07/2018
Office of Information Technology 08/16/2018
Counseling 08/16/2018
Moving Surplus 08/13/2018
Women's Center 08/09/2018
Professional Development (new) 07/31/2018
CATVision (formerly, One Card)  04/05/2018
Undergraduate Admissions 08/01/2018
Web Advisory 08/01/2018
International Education Week 07/19/2018
Student Senate 07/18/2018
Interior Services 06/22/2018
Dublin 06/11/2018
Entrepreneurship 06/09/2018
Internal Audit 06/06/2018
Homecoming 05/16/2018
OMSAR 05/11/2018
University College 05/07/2018
Board of Trustees 04/13/2018
Bobcat Cash (formerly, One Card)  04/05/2018
Mail Services 04/05/2018
OHIO in DC (new) 03/05/2018
Tobacco-Free 03/02/2018
Arrival Guide 03/01/2018
First Year Experience 02/22/2018
Office of the Ombudsperson 01/26/2018
Wellbeing 01/26/2018
Presidential Policy Advisory Group (new) 12/15/2017
OHIO Home Page 12/15/2017
Graduate College 11/21/2017
Commencement 11/17/2017
Financial Aid   11/03/2017
Police  10/24/2017
Health Alerts  10/10/2017
Finance  08/01/2017
CoLab (new) 10/25/2018
Corporate Partners (new) 10/25/2018
Appalachian Writing Program 08/24/2018
Office for Diversity and Inclusion 10/05/2018
Veteran and Military Student Services Center 10/05/2018
Office for University Accessibility (new) 11/02/2018
Office of Government Relations 05/09/2018
Students 11/15/2018
Fellowships & Research Internships 11/16/2018
Science Cafe 11/16/2018
Student Research 11/16/2018
Student Expo 11/16/2018
Regional Branch Campus Association 11/21/2018
LBGT Center 11/29/2018
University Policy 11/29/2018
Graduate Student Senate 11/30/2018
Career and Leadership 12/10/2018
Student Affairs 12/18/2018
Community Standards 12/18/2018
Dean of Students 12/18/2018
5c 12/18/2018
Parents 12/18/2018
Boyd Scholars 12/18/2018
OHIO Facts 12/18/2018
Scripps College 12/21/2018
Parking & Transportation 01/03/2019
Human Resources 01/07/2019
Conferences 01/17/2019
Community Engagement 01/17/2019
OHIO Online (new) 01/17/2019
OHIO Home Page 02/04/2019
Visit 02/04/2019
Challenge Yourself 02/04/2019
Support 02/04/2019
Learn By Living Here 02/04/2019
Locations 02/04/2019
Value 02/04/2019
Outcomes 02/04/2019
Inclusion 02/04/2019
Academic Excellence 02/04/2019
Legal Affairs 02/07/2019
Classified Senate 02/18/2019
Founders Day 02/18/2019
OHIO Museum Complex (new) 02/21/2019
College of Fine Arts 02/22/2019
Webcam 02/28/2019
Multicultural Center 03/04/2019
Food / Culinary Services 03/15/2019
Event Services 03/15/2019
Bursar 03/19/2019
Summer 03/19/2019
UCM 03/20/2019
Printing 03/22/2019
Sustainability 03/27/2019
Ohio4Educators 04/11/2019
Finance and Administration 04/16/2019
Airport 04/22/2019
Applied Communication 04/22/2019
Student Insurance 04/26/2019
Eco House 05/23/2019
Education 05/24/2019
WellWorks 05/29/2019
Administrative Senate 06/07/2019
Provost 06/13/2019
Facilities 06/14/2019
Equity & Civil Rights 06/20/2019
Success Network 06/26/2019
Cherry Blossoms 06/27/2019
International Week 06/27/2019
Library (new) 07/15/2019
REDCap 07/16/2019
Dual Enrollment 07/18/2019
Stressless 07/19/2019
Housing 07/19/2019
Climate 07/19/2019
Faculty Senate 07/22/2019
Advancement 07/30/2019
Arts & Sciences 08/05/2019
Recreation 08/14/2019
Emeriti Association 08/27/2019
Global Health Initiative 09/04/2019
Survivor Advocacy Program 09/09/2019
Compass 09/12/2019
President 09/16/2019
Performing Arts 09/24/2019
Cutler Herrold Society 09/25/2019

Migration Progress

Status definitions

  • Not StartedClient has not yet been contacted yet. OIT will setup a kickoff meeting when we are ready to begin planning for your migration.
  • On HoldClient was contacted, but is not yet ready to begin migration. Please contact OIT when you are ready to begin planning for your migration.
  • Planning: OIT conducts initial meetings, performs a website audit to map your current website, and discusses design options, content strategy and timeline.
  • Ready to Start: The initial meetings and planning are completed, and the website is ready to start design and development once resources are available.
  • In Progress: The website migration is underway with page design and page development. Regular meetings happen during this phase to keep the project on track. 
  • Final Review: Once development on the new site is complete and all content has been moved over, you will review the site for any issues and OIT will perform internal QA and accessibility checks.
Upcoming Website Progress Estimated Start Date*
Registrar In Progress December 2017
Regional Campuses In Progress November 2018
Lancaster In Progress November 2018
Eastern In Progress November 2018
Zanesville In Progress November 2018
Southern In Progress November 2018
Chillicothe In Progress November 2018
Phi Beta Kappa In Progress February 2019
Medicine In Progress May 2019
Voinovich School In Progress May 2019
Research In Progress June 2019
Engineering In Progress June 2019
Institutional Research Ready to Start  
Recycle Planning August 2019
Global Planning August 2019
Honors College Planning September 2019
Global Health Planning  
Kids Planning  
Alumni Not Started  
Scholars Not Started September 2019
Involvement Not Started  
Museum Not Started  
Guarantee Not Started  
Sigmaxi Not Started  
Foundation Trustees Not Started  
Cutler Business Services Not Started  
Majors Not Started August 2019
Applied Ethics Not Started  
Parlour Not Started  
About Not Started  
Departments Not Started  
Distinguished Professor Not Started  
Employees Not Started  
Offices Not Started  
Project Hindsight Not Started  
Social Media Not Started  
Standing Committees Not Started  
Planning Space On Hold  

* This is the anticipated date the website will move to "In Progress"