Ohio University

Getting Started with Web Accessibility

Content accessibility

First, review the information on our website that is appropriate for your role. In particular, content contributors should understand how their content impacts the accessibility of a page and how to generate accessible content. This will be slightly different depending on which of our Content Management Systems you are working in - CommonSpot or Web CMS.

Designing for accessibility

For communications specialists and content creators that are working on sites not hosted by Web Services, you will likely have additional items that you will need to be concerned about. If you specify the look and feel of design elements, there are some items you should be aware of, such as focus states of custom controls and minimum contrast ratios of text.

Developing accessible web sites

For developers creating websites that are not hosted within these content management systems, the evaluation resources included here will be helpful for identifying areas that need improvement. You should also engage in some functionality testing of your site and pages by following the steps outlined under the getting started with evaluation pages.