Ohio University

SSL Certificates

One or two year renewable SSL certificate for verifying the identity of a server and encrypting traffic to and from that server. Certificates can be issued for both production and test environments. Multi-domain options also are available. Typical uses include:

  • A web server that is hosted locally on the ohio.edu network.
  • A cloud service that is assigned an ohio.edu domain name.


  • Faculty and staff

Server Requirements

  • Must be in the ohio.edu domain. If your server does not yet have an ohio.edu name, you will need to request a Custom Web Address.
  • Local servers must be connected to the University's main network and hosted on appropriate equipment: no residence hall room or guest network use, and no desktop or personal computers.
  • Official University business only.
  • No financial transactions.
  • No storing or handling of sensitive data.
  • No replication of core IT functions.

How to Request

There currently is no charge to request a certificate. Send an email to servicedesk@ohio.edu from your OHIO email address that includes the following:

  1. A completed Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Please use a fully qualified ohio.edu domain name when you create your CSR.
  2. Description of the server and its purpose.
  3. List of OHIO email addresses that should be notified when the certificate is about to expire.
  4. Preferred expiration: one year or two.
  5. If you would like this certificate to be a Multi-Domain certificate, include a list of all Subject Alternative Names (SAN).
  6. This statement as part of the body of your email:
    "I agree to abide by Ohio University's Computer & Network Use policy 91.003 and the Comodo One end user license agreement."