Ohio University

Custom Web Addresses

A short, user-friendly ohio.edu name for a server, online service or web page.


  • Convenience: Makes it easier to direct visitors to your resource.
  • Branding: Identifies an external or cloud service as an official university resource.
  • Consistency: name.ohio.edu or ohio.edu/name identifies a university-wide resource, name.department.ohio.edu identifies a departmental resource.

Best uses

  • OHIO name for an externally hosted or cloud service.
  • User friendly name for a service or site that normally would have a long, cryptic URL.
  • Short URL for marketing materials, sometimes referred to as a "vanity URL."


  • Academic and administrative departments only.

Terms of use

  • OIT is responsible for provisioning, hosting and managing all .edu domain name assets of Ohio University and all associated sub domains.
  • University Communications & Marketing is responsible for approving requests for top-level ohio.edu names.
  • See Custom Address Guidelines for the full terms of use.

How to request