Ohio University

Live Streaming Video

OIT offers two platforms which allow users to broadcast live University events in real-time over the internet from a mobile phone or webcam: YouTube for publicly available videos and Microsoft Stream for videos restricted to users with a valid OHIO login.


Use Cases

  • Live streaming of campus events 


  • Scheduling of future streaming events or ability to stream on demand
  • Recording of live events for future playback
  • Embedding of live streams on webpages*
  • Advertisement-free viewing when using your OHIO account
  • Controls to pause or rewind the event and return to the live stream
  • Broadcast delays of 30 seconds or 60 seconds (YouTube only)
  • Options for closed captioning with 3rd-party software or auto-captioning when the language is set to English or Spanish.
  • Metrics for viewership of the live stream
  • Live chat during live streams when viewing through the YouTube interface (YouTube only)

*Embedding live video streams from YouTube onto a webpage requires creation of a Google AdSense account, but does not require displaying ads. 
*Microsoft Stream videos can only be embedded on Web CMS pages by placing a service request with the IT Service Desk.


  • YouTube live streaming is available to faculty and staff. This service is not available to students or student organizations. 
  • Microsoft Stream is available to all OHIO users.

How to Request