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User Guides



  • Quick Reference Guide (click to download)
    • This guide includes topics such as first time login, managing your account and common commands from your telephone.
  • WebInbox Quick Reference Guide (click to download)
    • This guide will help you if you would like to utilize the web interface of your voicemail account to listen to messages and manage your account settings.
    • Note - If are having issues using this web interface this is more than likely an internet browser compatibility issue, please call the Service Desk at 31222 for assistance.
  • Email/Text Message Notification Setup (click to download)
    • Instructions on how to setup email and/or text message notifications when a voicemail has been left for you. Note: this only provides you with the notification and not a voicemail attachment.
  • Voicemail to email delivery
    • This feature allows your voicemail messages to appear in your email inbox.  This is a fully synchronized service.  If you listen to the voicemail either from your phone or computer it will be reflected as read on both systems.  Also, if you delete the message from either system it will remove it from the other.  Please visit this link to sign up - http://www.ohio.edu/oit/voip/single-inbox.cfm.


Jabber Instant Messaging and Presence

  • Quick Reference Guide (coming soon)
    • This guide includes topics such as client controls, contacts, making and receiving calls and voicemail.