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Chillicothe Campus local/long distance service has been restored 9:31pm 11-30-15



Ohio University's voicemail system offers a wide range of features and flexibility for users to stay in contact while either at their desk, around campus or out of the office. Listed below are some of the features that will provide users with a better voicemail experience.  Please remember a complete list of help documents, videos, etc. can be found under the menu item on the left side of this page, "Instructions."

Web PhoneManager (WPM)

Web PhoneManager is an online interface that allows subscribers to manage their mailboxes through their preferred web browser. Within WPM, subscribers can create/update their name and greeting recordings for their mailboxes, listen to and send new voicemail messages and configure many features and settings for your mailbox.  Click Here to access WPM.

Email Delivery

Email delivery allows a voicemail user to have a copy of their voicemail messages delivered as a .wav file attachment to any email address you choose. Voicemail users must log into Web PhoneManager to set this up. Click Here for instructions.

SMS notification

SMS notification allows the voicemail user to be notified of the arrival of voice messages via SMS message to their mobile device or email address. Users can specify to be notified on "urgent" or "all" voice messages, and set the times and days of the week to be notified. Voicemail users must log into Web PhoneManager to set this up but can modify settings through the telephone once setup. Click Here for instructions.

Personal Operator (Personal Assistant)

When a caller is sent to a subscriber mailbox, the caller always has at least two choices: leave a voice message or press zero to transfer to an operator. You can ensure that all callers who press zero in this mailbox go to the same operator extension by setting this up. Voicemail users must log into Web PhoneManager to set this up. Click Here for instructions.

Automatic Message Forwarding (formally known as Auto Copy)

Automatic Message Forwarding or previously known as Auto Copy is a feature that passes copies of your incoming messages to another mailbox as soon as you receive the messages. Voicemail users can specify who to send the message to, "urgent" or "all" messages, only forward if from a specific mailbox, and set the times and days of the week to forward messages. Voicemail users can set this up either through Web PhoneManager or through the telephone by press 3, 2, 4 from the main voicemail menu. Click Here for instructions.

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers allow users to add non office phone numbers to integrate into their voice mailbox. You have two choices device types to consider when entering your phone number, Voice and Voice-Trusted. If you choose Voice the voicemail treats your phone as if you are calling from your office so calling into check your voicemail you are just prompted for your security code. If you choose Voice Trusted the voicemail system will not ask you for your security code but will automatically allow you to enter into your voicemail mailbox.
Click Here
for instructions

Find Me (mobilepath)

Find Me allows a voicemail user to direct callers to other phone numbers (cell, home, etc.) by press menu keys when listening to the users greeting. Voicemail users can set this up by calling OIT at 3-1000.

Call Processing (Automated Attendants)

Many departments on campus have auto attendants.  Below are common features that can be configured:

  • Transfer to Extension
  • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Play Message
  • Go To a Sub Menu
  • Repeat Choices

New setup / rates

To order a new voicemail mailbox for an office telephone or for department auto attendants, or for pricing inquiries please call 3-1000. You will need to supply a valid Expense Natural Account Codes number at the time of the order.