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Chillicothe Campus local/long distance service has been restored 9:31pm 11-30-15


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I access voicemail messages off campus?

A: Dial the voicemail access number 740-593-2255. When you hear the system greeting press # and enter your mailbox number and security code

You may also access your messages through Web PhoneManager.

Q: What is my new voicemail security code?

A.  Your temporary security code will be provided in an email prior to activation.

Q: What is the new voicemail number?

A: 3-2255 (3-CALL) or 740-593-2255

Q: Will I have to learn new voicemail menu prompts?

A: Yes, the new voicemail system prompts are different from the old system, fortunately the new system's dialing instructions are simplier and now you have the ability to control your voicemail box through the web at https://webphonemgr.oit.ohio.edu/wpm/

Q: Other than the new voicemail prompts, what features will be different in the new system?

Old Voicemail System
New Voicemail System

Log into voicemail:
From office phone, call voicemail press #, enter your mailbox number(or press #) then your security code
Log into voicemail:
From office phone, system detects your extension and just asks for your security code.

Voicemail extension:
3-4869, 593-4869
Voicemail extension:
3-CALL (3-2255), 593-2255

Web interface for voicemail settings:


Web interface for voicemail settings: visit the Web PhoneManager site.

Email Delivery:
Setup through Mutare Enabled Voicemail (EVM)
Email Delivery:
Setup through Web PhoneManager

Voicemail Notifications:
Analog Phone - Stutter Dial Tone
Digital Phone - Message Waiting Light
Voicemail Notifications:
Analog Phone - Stutter Dial Tone
Digital Phone - Message Waiting Light

Out of Office Greeting:


Out of Office Greeting:
Press 3 at main menu then press 6 or record with Web PhoneManager

Check on Messages Sent:

Press 1 2

Return Receipt:
Press 0 5 after recording message

Turn on or off greeting:
Press 4 then press 1 to turn on & press 2 to turn off
Turn on or off greeting:


Personal Assistance:
Press 1 6, then press 5
Personal Operator:
Set through Web PhoneManager only

Log out of system:
Press 99
Log out of system:
Press ** From Main Menu

Q: What is Web PhoneManager?

A: Web PhoneManager is an online interface that allows subscribers to manage their mailboxes through their preferred web browser. Within WPM, subscribers can create/update their name and greeting recordings for their mailboxes, listen to messages and send new voice messages.

Q: Where are the user guides and training materials located?

A: Use the links below or visit the Voicemail home page for instructions.

Q: Will my existing voice messages be transferred over to the new voicemail system?

A: The current system stores your messages in a proprietary format, so we cannot automatically transfer them to the new system.  If you have messages that you would like to keep you may use the EVM (Enabled Voice Mail) service to send those messages to your e-mail inbox.  Click Here for information.

Q: Will my existing greeting and recorded name be transferred over to the new voicemail system?

A: The current system stores your greetings and recorded name in a proprietary format, so we cannot automatically transfer them to the new system.  When you first sign into the new voicemail service you can record your name and greetings for your voicemail. Please see the Quick Start Guide or Quick Reference Card for instructions on setting this up.

Q: Will the cost of my current voicemail service increase?

A: At this time there are no plans to change the cost of voicemail services.

Q: I currently use EVM (Enabled VoiceMail) for delivery of voicemail messages to my e-mail inbox, will I still be able to use EVM or will there be another option for me?

A: The new voicemail system uses Web PhoneManager for delivery of voicemails to e-mail. Setup instructions can be found in either the Quick Start Guide or the Web PhoneManager booklet on our Printable Reference Cards and Guides page.  You may also click here for setup instructions once you are logged into Web PhoneManager.

Q: Who can I call if I need assistance during the migration process?

A: Please call service desk at 740-593-1222.

Q: How many voicemail messages will I be allowed to save?

A: As with the current system the new voicemail system will retain 32 messages.  You will be alerted when the mailbox is close to being full.

Q: Why is the system telling me I have a new message(s) after I have already listened to them?

A: When you log in and listen to your voicemail either from your phone or with Web PhoneManager, if you do not either save or delete the message the voicemail system treats it as a new (either read or unread message). Once you have listened to your message you should either save or discard the message.

Q: If I have been migrated to the new voicemail system, what limitations are there if I need to share voicemail (i.e. forward) with someone in the old system?

A: If user A is in the new voicemail system and user B is in the old voicemail system there are some limitations on what you can not do:

    1. You can not Forward a message from one system to the other.
    2. You can not record a New or Reply voicemail message and send it between the systems.
    3. If you have AutoCopy(Forwarding) setup you can not have it setup to send to the person in the other system. You also can not have it setup to send on a specific user mailbox unless they are in the same system.
    5. You can not have the person in your distribution list.

Q: My telephone says I have a new voicemail message however when I check I do not?

A: If your desk phone has a message waiting light lit with a digital phone or stutter dial tone with analog phone and when you check your voicemail mailbox and have no new messages, please consult OIT to correct this issue.

Q: If I change my security code while logged into Web PhoneManager will it change the security code when logging into voicemail over the phone?

A: Yes, when you make a change to your account through Web PhoneManager the change will be reflected when you access your voicemail from your telephone.  Also, if you make a change from your telephone, the change will be reflected in Web PhoneManager.

Q: What requirements must be met for my new security code?

A: Your new security code must be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 numerical digits.

Q: How do I leave myself a voicemail message?

A: If you would like to leave yourself a voicemail message:

1 - If you are calling from a telephone other than your office telephone call your number and wait for your greeting.

2 - If you are calling from your office telephone you can call voicemail directly at 32255, enter your security code and then press 2, you will be prompted to record a message and then the system will ask the address you want to send the message to, enter your office telephone number and then press the # sign.

Q: How can I remove my Name and Telephone Number from the Voicemail directory within Web PhoneManager?

A: If you wish to have your information removed please call the Service Desk at 3-1222.  Please note if you are removed from the directory a caller cannot reach you through the dial by name feature within the main auto attendant.

Q: When I leave a message for a user how do I skip the greeting and simply leave a message?

A:  If you would like to skip a users greeting, simply press the # key when you start to hear their greeting play, you will hear a tone and you may begin recording your message.

Q: How can I transfer a call directly into another's voicemail?

A:  This process is similar to the old system, if you have someone on the phone and want to transfer them to another person's voicemail directly, press access 2 or inquiry, dial 32255, press ** the person's extension you are trying to reach followed by the # key, finally hit the transfer key.  Below is an example:

If I want to transfer a call from my desk directly to the voicemail of 593-1222 I would press Inquiry, dial 32255, press ** 31222# then press transfer.