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The Chillicothe Campus is currently experiencing issues with the Telephone System.  Users are unable to make long distance and other off-campus calls. On-campus calls are still in order. Horizon technicians are working on the issue and will restore the system to full service as quickly as possible.

Best Practices

Avoid Microsoft Exchange while running Virtual Desktop

  • By default, Microsoft Exchange downloads all emails to the  desktop. Depending on the amount of email a user has, it can be problematic to transfer a large amount of data to virtual desktop with every logon. It is recommended to use Outlook Web Access from a Virtual Desktop. If you must use Exchange, please change the settings to run in non-cache mode.

Do not work with data while it is on a USB flash drive

  • If you have data on a flash drive, do not work with the data directly while it is on the flash drive. Reading and writing data from a flash drive is much slower than reading and writing from storage in the virtual environment.
  • Copy the data to your home drive, and work with it there. When finished, copy the data back 
    to the flash drive, if desired. 

Do not try to stream locally connected web cameras 

Although it is possible to connect USB devices to your local machine and access the devices from the virtual machine, streamed webcam traffic does not work with a virtual connection.  

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