Virtual Desktop

Link to Virtual Desktop Interface


Virtual Desktop allows students and faculty to access a full Windows desktop environment from any PC or Mac. 


  • Log in from any PC or Mac anywhere, anytime
  • Personal files and settings are stored independently (no worries about leaving a file behind on a lab workstation) 

Best Uses

  • Computer labs
  • Use cases involving the management of sensitive data (HIPAA, FERPA) 


  • Students who are enrolled in a virtual desktop-enabled course

How to Request

  • Students: If you are taking a course that uses virtual desktops, your department administrator or instructor will enable your access as required.
  • Faculty/Staff: Contact the IT Service Desk to discuss options for enabling this feature - 740-593-1222 or

You can use a web browser or the VMware View Client to facilitate your assigned virtual desktop.  You can get the VMware View client for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android computers by following instructions on the installation instructions page. Before attempting to connect, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page, review the list of system requirements, and decide which method of access is best for you.