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Register for a Seminar

(NOTE: You must enable either all cookies or "session cookies" for the server "seminars.admsrv.ohio.edu" in order for the login process to work)

  1. Link to the main registration page Employee Registrations and Cancellations.
  2. Enter your OAK login username and password, and click "OK."
  3. Click "Continue" on the welcome screen.
  4. Click "Continue" once your identity has been verified by the system.
  5. Click "Register Yourself." (Note: Managers can also register their staff by clicking on "Register Group.")
  6. Click the desired seminar/workshop topic under Academic Technology.
  7. Click the desired course title. (In some cases there may be only one course title for a particular topic. If this is the case, you may skip this step.)
  8. Select a Session, and click "I'll Take This One."
  9. Click "Continue". The session you just enrolled in now appears. Under Status, a "P" indicates that you are enrolled by Proxy (i.e., by a Manager). A "W" indicates that the class is full but you are on a Waiting List; if someone cancels, you will be moved into the class, and notified via e-mail. An "E" indicates that you are enrolled in the class.
  10. If you experience problems registering online, please call the OIT Service Desk at 593-1222.


Please send an E-mail request to: servicedesk@ohio.edu. In your E-mail message be sure to include the following information:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Department
  3. Phone Number
  4. Seminar Registration Number, Seminar Title, and Date