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What is Top Hat?

Top Hat is a student engagement platform that instructors use inside and outside of the classroom. Top Hat provides a lecture tool that tracks attendance, asks questions, features interactive slides, and manage classroom discussions. Outside of the classroom, the platform features an InteractiveText platform where instructors can adopt, customize, or create content for their courses.


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Content transfer service

By request, Top Hat will assist instructors in transferring content. Below are the guidelines for what is needed and a link to a form that needs to be included when submitting the request. The instructor will be prompted to upload the file of content that they would like transferred directly with this form.

These requests will be delivered directly to our Top Hat Enterprise Account Manager. If necessary, the instructor will receive a quick call to make sure Top Hat has all that is needed.

Guidelines for content transfer:

  • The general time frame for completion is at least 2 weeks and Top Hat cannot guarantee completion before that time, but will try to complete as quickly as possible. Exceptionally large projects may take longer.

  • The content for uploading must be in a copy-and-paste friendly format (.docx/Word, .pdf/Adobe PDF [unless it has been scanned in], .pptx/PowerPoint, etc.).

  • All questions must clearly indicate the correct answer for proper question set-up.

  • Questions must match one of Top Hat's 6 question types for uploading properly. Questions that are unclear will usually be created as discussions instead.

  • Any special instructions must be noted, including (if applicable)

  • Naming conventions

  • Folder organization

  • Custom grading

  • Anonymity settings

  • Discussion setup (anonymity and visibility of responses)

Click here to access the form that must be submitted