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Reducing Textbook Costs

As part of OHIO’s initiative to reduce students’ educational costs, a partnership between Ohio University and Top Hat will expand faculty’s access to Open Educational Resources (OER) and lower textbook prices. OHIO has set a goal to convert 100 courses to OER by fall 2018; faculty will receive $500 for each course converted to open resources

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Top Hat is a student response system that utilizes students' personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) combined with interactive slides to facilitate classroom discussions, track attendance, and conduct real time polls or quizzes. Outside of the classroom, Top Hat offers an InteractiveText platform where instructors can adopt, customize, or create Open Educational Resources for their courses in place of traditional textbooks. 

Best uses

  • In-class polling
  • Interactive class discussions
  • Attendance tracking

Explore innovative teaching, learning, and research scenarios on the Top Hat case studies site.


Interactive PowerPoint slides

Include Top Hat questions into your lecture slides and display your students' responses in real time.

Blackboard Learn integration

Top Hat results can be imported into Blackboard Learn. 

Content transfer service

By request, Top Hat will assist instructors in transferring content. Below are the guidelines for what is needed and a link to a form that needs to be included when submitting the request. The instructor will be prompted to upload the file of content that they would like transferred directly with this form. These requests will be delivered directly to our Top Hat Enterprise Account Manager. If necessary, the instructor will receive a quick call to make sure Top Hat has all that is needed.

Guidelines for content transfer
  • The general time frame for completion is at least 2 weeks. Top Hat cannot guarantee completion before that time but will try to complete as quickly as possible. Exceptionally large projects may take longer.
  • The content for uploading must be in a copy-and-paste friendly format (.docx/Word, .pdf/Adobe PDF [unless it has been scanned in], .pptx/PowerPoint, etc).
  • All questions must clearly indicate the correct answer for proper question set-up.
  • Questions must match one of Top Hat's 6 question types for uploading properly. Questions that are unclear will usually be created as discussions instead.
  • Any special instructions must be noted, including (if applicable)
  • Naming conventions
  • Folder organization
  • Custom grading
  • Anonymity settings
  • Discussion setup (anonymity and visibility of responses)

Request Content Transfer  - For the first field in the request form, our Top Hat contact is Kara Dingboom.

Anonymous access

The most common use of a Top Hat course is within the classroom, where the audience is known; however, instructors and staff may also wish to use the response system when the audience is unknown. For example, instructors and staff can use Top Hat questions to poll the audience of a conference. In order to do so, the Top Hat course must be open to an anonymous audience. Currently, only Top Hat Support can create an open course.

How to request anonymous access
  1. Create a new course in your Top Hat account as usual.
  2. Contact Top Hat Support at and provide Top Hat Support with the following:
  • lastname.# username
  • course code of the course you want to have made anonymous:
    • This code can be found directly after "e/" in the course URL. For example, if the course URL is "", the course code is "762297".

Top Hat support will send you a confirmation once your course is ready for anonymous access.


  • All current instructors and students