Telephone @ Ohio


 Cisco 8945 Referred to as our standard telephone, the Cisco 8945 will be utilized for the majority of our users.
Cisco 8800
Referred to as our advanced telephone, the Cisco 8800 will be utilized by users that deal with a high volume of calls, more than 4 different lines and/or require expansion modules for more line appearances.

Cisco 7821
Referred to as our basic telephone, the Cisco 7821 will be utilized in areas where a wall phone where little features may be required - i.e. research lab space, public/courtesy area, less than 2 lines are needed etc. It is the only model that can be mounted on a wall.

 Cisco 8831

Cisco 8831 will be utilized in our conference rooms. For larger conference rooms, wired or wireless Microphones kits are available.

 Cisco 7925G Wireless

Cisco 7925G WiFi enabled phones can be used on Ohio University's wireless network. Ideal for those who are mobile and may not have a desk phone. Your 5 digit campus extension, voicemail and speakerphone are supported.


Cisco Jabber Mobile is a mobile application for users that their phone features with them while not in the office.

Cisco Jabber PC/Mac is softphone client for users who don't want or need a physical phone, or a user who wants access to their phone features away from the office