Telephone @ Ohio

Standard and Optional Features

Standard Features

Telephone Features

  • Integrated Video Calling (on campus phone to phone only)
  • Built in Directories - Personal and Ohio University
  • Conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Speakerphone
  • Others such as transfer, hold, call forwarding etc.
  • Bluetooth for wireless headsets - many of the existing headsets can be utilized with your new phone, if you have any questions please consult OIT.
Please note: features may vary depending on the model of telephone you have.
Manage your Telephone via a Web Browser
  • The Unified Communications Self Care Portal allows you to change your speed dial numbers and other user settings for your telephone.  Please click here for more information or you may start managing your phone settings by clicking here.  You will be prompted for your User ID and Password, please note your this is your OHIO username and password.
Voicemail Features
  • WebInbox lets you manage voice messages and any message receipts you receive through a web browser. You can compose new voice messages, play, reply to, forward, or delete any voice messages you receive.  Click here to manage your settings and listen to your messages.
  • New Voicemail Message Alerts - You can configure your account to notify you either by email, text message or a call when a new voicemail has been delivered.  All phones will be configured with the message waiting indicator (red light) when a new message has been delivered.
Audio Conferencing
  • For standard audio conferencing all IP telephones support up to 16 participants.  Please see the quick start guide for your particular telephone for more information.
  • If you use an audio bridge such as CenturyLink you may continue to do so.


Optional Features

The following features are NOT provisioned automatically.  Please see the instructions included below for the desired feature.
Call Center (formerly known as ACD)
  • Call Center makes it possible to handle large numbers of incoming calls by automatically diverting those calls to pre-defined groups of people and queuing excess calls when all group members are busy. Supervisor agents can get historical and real-time reports of your contact center groups. Please contact support desk at (740) 593-1222 for further information.
Voicemail Single Inbox
  • This feature allows your voicemail messages to appear in your email inbox.  This is a fully synchronized service.  If you listen to the voicemail either from your phone or computer it will be reflected as read on both systems.  Also, if you delete the message from either system it will remove it from the other.  Please visit this link to sign up -