Telephone @ Ohio

Fax Offerings

FaxThere are a few options when sending and receiving faxes on campus. You can use your computer to send/receive electronic document as faxes. Supported document formats are PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, RTF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. If you need to fax a paper document, you will need to convert it to an electronic document first or use a fax machine.

Sending/Receiving Faxes via your email client (i.e. Outlook)
Any employee can send a campus, local or domestic long distance fax at no additional cost by emailing the document to [number], where [number] meets the Fax Number Format below. The fax service recognizes most common document formats (listed above) and will email a confirmation message back to you with the results of your fax.  If you would like to receive faxes via your OHIO email account, please contact OIT.

Sending/Receiving Faxes via the web -
By using the web you have the ability to send faxes, use custom fax cover sheets, utilize address books and view fax history.  If you would like to receive faxes via the web, please contact OIT.

Sending/Receiving Faxes from fax machine
You can send faxes from a fax machine by dialing the number format below. If need a dedicated line for your fax machine please contact OIT.

Fax Number Format
On‐Campus – Last 5 digits  (ex. 31222)
Campus to Campus – 10 digit number  (ex. 7405931222)
Off Campus Local – 9 + 10 digit number  (ex. 97405931222)
Long Distance – Domestic – 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number  (ex. 917405931222)