Telephone @ Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own phone and use it with the system?

 No, you will provided a phone that will be compatible with the new system.

Can I move my telephone?

OIT requests that all telephone moves be requested by calling the OIT Service Desk.  This will allow OIT to verify the new location has the proper network configuration and all 9-1-1 information is updated.

Where can I find user guides for the system?

You may visit the following link to download a copy.


How do I make a local off campus call?

You are required to dial 9 + the area code.  An example you would dial 9-740-555-5555.  This is for all local non campus calls.

How do I make an on-campus call?

You may simply dial the 5 digit extension number.

How do I make a campus to campus call?

To make a campus to campus call you may dial the 10 digit number. You do not need to enter a 9 or 91 in front of the 10 digit number.

How do I make a toll free call?

 9 + 1 + (800, 888, 877, 866 or 855) + Number

How do I make a long distance call?

Dial as below.

9 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number
9 + 1 + 011 + Country + City + Telephone Number

Directory - Ohio University Directory - Who is included in the directory found on the phone?

Most users who have a phone number directly asssigned to them are included in the directory.

Is callerID available?

Yes, all phones will include callerID as a basic feature.

Is video calling required?

All calls by default will be placed with video and audio (on campus only and if the other party has a video enabled phone).  If you wish to disable video please visit the quick start guide for your model telephone.

Voicemail - What are the retention policies around my voicemail messages?

The new system will follow the same retention cycle as the existing system.  All messages will age out and be auto purged (deleted) when they are 30 days old.  If you delete a message you will have 24 hours to un-delete the message, otherwise the message will be deleted permanently.

Voicemail - Can I have my voicemails sent to my email account?

To enable this feature please visit this link - and the feature will be provisioned.


If you would like to be notified via text message or email that a new voicemail has been delivered (doesn't include a copy of the message, just notification) please see the voicemail quick start guide for assistance or visit - once signed in choose settings, when the page opens you will see Notifications Devices, you may configure your devices here.

I'm logged into Voicemail Web Inbox, but I cannot configure any options.

If are having issues using this web interface this is more than likely an internet browser compatibility issue, please call the Service Desk at (740) 593-1222 for assistance.

Voicemail - How do I directly divert (transfer) a caller to an individuals voicemail box?

Press the Transfer key, Dial * then the 10 digit telephone number you wish to leave a voicemail.