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Sophos Anti-Virus  - Departmental




This version of Sophos is for university-owned computers only.  For personal, home use, please see the Sophos - Home Use page.

Sophos provides comprehensive virus and malware protection for Windows and Mac computers.  Sophos provides the following benefits:

  • Fast performance - scans will not slow your computer down
  • On-the-fly updates - Sophos automatically updates its virus definitions as often as needed
  • McAfee removal - If you were using the university's site licensed version of McAfee Virus Scan, the Sophos installer will remove it for you automatically
  • Web Browser protection - Sophos will prevent sites that may contain malicious web content from loading

How To Acquire:

The installers below are available to IT support staff only. To install Sophos on a university-owned/departmental computer, contact either your departmental IT support tech or the OIT Service Desk.


Support & Installation Information:


You should uninstall your current virus protection before installing Sophos.


In most cases, the Sophos Windows installer will remove other anti-virus products as part of the installation process.  This includes not only the university's version of McAfee but also products like Norton, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc.


When the installation process finishes, Sophos will perform a full update of its virus definitions and all related files.  On a slow Internet connection, this update could take 15 minutes or more.  Your computer will still be usable during the update, but Sophos will not report that it is done installing until the update finishes.

The Sophos installer does not require a reboot, but we recommend that you restart your computer at some point after the installation to allow the installer to clean up after itself.

Sophos will block access to web content (ads, popups, etc.) that it identifies as containing malware, viruses, or other malicious code.  In some cases, it may prevent you from accessing an entire site, if that site poses a risk.