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Setting up an online proctored exam

Best practices

Require an exam password

Even after you've set up a Blackboard exam for online proctoring, students are able to complete that exam without using Proctortrack. However, if you require a password on the exam, you can have Proctortrack release the password to them once they have loaded the exam via Proctortrack. This will ensure that all students who complete the exam used online proctoring.

Set up Testing Services as a back-up

Sometimes, a student may need to go to Testing Services to complete their online proctored exam. Reasons could include:

To have Testing Services serve as a back-up proctor, follow the directions on the On-Campus Proctoring page. You must provide Testing Services with the password to the Blackboard exam for this alternative to work.

Onboarding your students

Students must successfully complete Proctortrack's onboarding 24-48 hours before taking their first exam. Ensure that all students complete onboarding well before the deadline for your first online proctored exam.

For a successful onboarding process, students need:

  • valid ID
  • A computer with a webcam
  • Access to a well-lit room

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