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Help and Resources: Qualtrics


Visit OIT Workshops for a listing of available Qualtrics training dates.

Getting Started

To learn more about what you can do with Qualtrics, start with the following qualtrics.com web pages:

Moving Surveys or Data From Other Tools

Most survey providers do not support exporting existing survey questions. If you have a survey hosted with a provider like Survey Monkey, you will need to recreate that survey manually in Qualtrics. You can speed this process up by using copy/paste to transfer your survey question and answer text.

To move survey response data from another provider to Qualtrics, follow your provider's directions to download the results to your hard drive and then upload them to your new Qualtrics account. Learn more about uploading data to Qualtrics,

Qualtrics User Community

OHIO already has many Qualtrics users with a wealth of experience creating academic research surveys. To tap into that collective wisdom, consider joining the OHIO Qualtrics users email list.