Ohio University

Learning Management System: Blackboard Learn

Interactive online tool for posting course-related materials and facilitating interactions between students, instructors, and teaching assistants. Blackboard Learn integrates communication tools with a multitude of content delivery options.



  • Support for most document, image, and multimedia file types.
  • Post, submit, grade, and provide feedback for assessments and assignments.
  • Interactive features like discussion boards and wikis.
  • Integrated grade book.
  • Notifications for assignment and assessment due dates.
  • Usage reports for instructors.
  • Automated creation of courses based on instructor of record and student enrollment data in PeopleSoft SIS.
  • Mobile apps available for instructors and students

Best Uses

  • Supplement classroom-based courses.
  • Supply the online component of hybrid courses.
  • Deliver all content and manage all student/faculty interactions for online courses.
  • Ad-hoc online spaces for project discussions, employee training, etc.


  • To participate in a course or organization: All students, faculty, and staff. 
  • To create a course or organization: Faculty and staff.

How to Request

Academic Courses

Blackboard Learn is enabled by default for all students and instructors; however, content availability will depend upon course enrollment and instructor choice.


A course you are enrolled in will only appear in Blackboard Learn if your instructor has enabled that course.


Courses you are teaching will automatically appear in your Blackboard Learn home page 8 weeks prior to the start of the course or when you become listed as instructor of record, whichever comes first. A course will not be visible to your students until you enable it. This allows you to build your content privately before sharing it with your students.


Blackboard Learn supports ad-hoc spaces called Organizations that have the same features as a course but which are not tied to PeopleSoft SIS enrollment data. To request an Organization, contact the IT Service Desk.