Ohio University

Wireless Display Projection: AirMedia

Many OHIO classrooms and meeting spaces come with a Crestron AirMedia wireless display that lets you use a small, downloadable app to display video to the room's projector or flat panel over Wi-Fi.


AirMedia app required

Before you can connect to a projector or display over Wi-Fi, you must install the AirMedia app:

Connect to a display or projector over Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on the room's projector or display. If wireless projection is available, the display's startup screen will show an IP address and access code at the top and "Crestron" at the bottom.  
  2. Launch your AirMedia app.
  3. If you receive a "No devices found" error, click Ok.
  4. Enter the IP address (including punctuation) and access code from the display/projector's startup screen: 
    AirMedia Example
  5. Click Connect.


  • Use Wi-Fi to display your computer or mobile device's screen on a classroom projector or flat panel display.
  • Multiple users can connect to the room's projector/display.

Best uses

  • Presentations

  • Student collaboration

  • Conferences


  • Anyone with a supported device

  • You must be physically present in the room to use the projector/display

How to Request

  • No request needed.