Ohio University is open; the transformer failure that temporarily closed the West Union Street Office Center on Wednesday has been fixed. The building will reopen for business on Thursday morning.

OIT Tech Support can still be reached by calling 3-1222. More Information
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We are currently experiencing issues with the E-Business System.  Technicians are working on this issue and will restore service as quickly as possible.

PeopleSoft Training

If you are new to PeopleSoft, or if you are new to specific functions within PeopleSoft, training is available.

How to Request Training

  1. Request PeopleSoft SIS Access - If you have not yet filled out the appropriate forms to request access to PeopleSoft, please do so before you request training.
  2. Contact the appropriate office(s) based on your access request:

Please note that training will only be provided on the module(s) for which you have been granted access (Step 1 above).