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How to Complete a Website Audit

A Website Audit is an inventory and analysis of all the content on your website. It is an essential part of creating a robust content strategy that will help connect visitors with the information they need on your site. One of the benefits of completing this step is to be sure we migrate the best information into the new Web CMS.

Audit Your Website

Step 1 - Identify all of your pages and uploaded documents

OIT can perform this step for you. Just contact the IT Service Desk and request a site audit for your CommonSpot website. We will send you three files - a spreadsheet, a Google Analytics report, and a sitemap (picture) of your current site. The spreadsheet will contain the names and URLs for all of your pages on one tab and the names of all of your uploaded documents (PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, etc.) on a separate tab.

Step 2 - Evaluate each page/document

Go through both tabs of the spreadsheet and decide if you want to migrate or delete each page and uploaded document on your site. Whenever possible, check with Google Analytics to see how frequently people view your pages.

Step 3 - Document your decisions

For each page or document, fill in the appropriate columns of the audit spreadsheet. You will be deciding whether each item needs to be deleted or migrated without changes. Any easy content changes can be made during this process, prior to the migration. Once your migration begins, no further content changes can be made. Larger changes and structural changes to your site should wait until after the migration.

Begin Your Migration

The ultimate goal of a site audit is to ensure OIT migrates all your needed content and only your needed content.

If you are planning to make changes later, consider using the spreadsheet to make notes about the changes you would like and assign content changes and due dates to those who are responsible for that content.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any questions.