Ohio University

Web CMS: Text Editor Interface

When editing text within a content type, editors will be able to use a text editor with a toolbar containing common editing options. This toolbar contains numerous options, many similar to those found in other text editors in software like Microsoft Word. Here are a few common icons: 


Remove format – removes formatting from the highlighted text

  • If content is pasted using a method other than Paste as plain text, this should be used to clean the extra formatting from the pasted content.

Link – creates a hyperlink

  • A URL may be entered to link to another page
    • If the desired page is within the Ohio University website, only the portion of the URL after .edu needs entered. For example, to link to https://www.ohio.edu/finance, only /finance would need entered into the input box.
  • If the page is outside the University website, enter the entire URL, starting with http:// or https://.
  • To link to a document, click Open File Browser, or use the File Manager  button. This will open a file explorer where editors can upload or select the desired document. More information is available in Working with Documents.
    • Before adding a link to a document, be sure your highlighted text includes a reference to the type of file being linked to (e.g., [PDF] or [Excel]).

Note: The Hyperlink Text should be highlighted prior to using the Link button.


Media – upload and insert images. For more information, see Working with Images.


Video Embed – inserts a video

  • Video URLs should be from YouTube, use the URL from the "Share" option on YouTube
  • Leave the default settings (Autoplay should be unchecked and Responsive Video should be checked)