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Table Sorting and Searching

This guide explains how to turn on/off HTML table sorting and/or searching in the Web CMS.


Sortable: Turns sorting capability on for the table if it has a header row.

Searchable: Turns sorting on and also adds a text field to be able to search the table. I.E. this turns on the "sortable" functionality as well as the ability to search.

If you would like a table to be sortable or searchable follow the steps below:

  • Edit the node (page) which has the table you want to change.
  • Click anywhere on the table.
  • Click on the Styles dropdown.
  • Toggle the desired feature on/off by selecting either Sortable Table or Searchable Table.
  • Save and submit your changes.
  • Check your page.


Example of a table using "Table Sorting". Notice it does not have a filter text field but the columns are sortable.


Example of a table using "Table Searching". Notice it includes a filter text field and the columns are sortable.


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