Ohio University

Save Options

After filling in the appropriate fields for a content type, editors will notice a blue drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. Options within this drop-down include:

  • Save and Create New Draft: Creates an unpublished draft of the content type. This allows the editor to go back later and finish editing the content before it is marked for review/publication.
  • Save and Request Review: Creates the content and puts it into the Pending Approvals bucket for Publishers to review.
  • Save and Publish: Creates the content and immediately makes it live on the web.
  • Save and Archive: Saves the content but removes it from publication. This is a way to archive a page that you do not want to be publicly-viewed but may use again in the future. Any links to this page should be removed prior to archiving the page or the link will appear broken within the site.

Note: Only Publishers will have access to Save and Publish and Save and Archive. Before using these options, publishers should check with department heads to see if content should go live or be reviewed or archived first.