Ohio University

Web CMS: Editing a page's URL via Page Location

Before you begin, keep in mind that changing a page's URL can affect its ranking in search results, so make sure your choices are logical and make sense within your site's structure.

To edit a page's URL, you must be a member of a Group in Web CMS.

  1. At the top of your Web CMS window, choose Manage | Content | Group Membership.
  2. Choose View nodes next to your group's name.
  3. Find the node you wish to modify and choose Edit node, or use the Create node button to create a new node.
  4. Click PAGE LOCATION on the right side of the node edit window.
  5. Use the Parent Page dropdown to choose what appears between "ohio.edu" and the last slash in your page's URL.
  6. Enter a URL Slug to specify what comes after the last slash in your page's URL. If you do not specify a slug, the system will generate one for you (not recommended). Recommendations for creating a good slug:
    • Use spaces or dashes to separate words.
    • Do not use slashes (/).
    • Spelling and grammar matter.
    • Prepositions will be ignored.
  7. Any changes you make to the Parent Page and URL Slug will be reflected in the Permalink beneath your page's Title.
    • The Edit button to the right of Permalink is another way to change your URL Slug.
  8. When you are happy with your page's new URL, Save your changes.