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Web CMS: Editing Existing Content

Once logged in and on the group page, click on Nodes within the tabbed menu. Editors should now see all currently created content within their group. The drop down menus above the content listing allows editors to filter items based on two categories:

  • Published status
  • (Content) Type

In addition, the content listing is within a sortable table. Editors can click on the column header for Title, Content type, or Updated to sort the listing by that category. This makes it easy to group content types together or to see the most recently updated page.

In general, there are two ways to edit content:

  • Click Edit node in the row of the piece of content you want to edit. This will take you directly to the editing window.
  • Click the title of the piece of content you want to edit. Then, while viewing the piece of content, select Edit from the task menu at the bottom of the page.

All inputs described in the Content Types section will be available when editing existing content. Editors should update the fields with the new information. After all information has been updated, select the appropriate save option at the bottom of the page.

Some content types require special consideration when editing. Please review the sections below before editing to see if one of these content types exist in your area.

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