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Web CMS: Creating New Content

From the main Group page, click on Nodes within the tabbed menu. Below the table of already created content, a new submenu is available:


In order to create new content, editors should click on Create node. This will display a page listing the available content types. Clicking the name of a content type will take editors to the creation page for that type.

Fields available to edit are the same as those described in the appropriate section of the Content Types descriptions.

Once content is entered in the fields, editors should select the appropriate save option from the menu at the bottom of the page.


News feeds and archives will be driven by the Article content type. Pay special attention to the Tags

Section. The tag(s) you choose will determine where the article will be located.

Since the article content type can cross the entire group's site, editors and publishers need to be especially cautious about saving these items. Because this tool is so powerful, we recommend both editors and publishers select Save and Request Review when creating articles. This ensures that articles are reviewed by at least one other person before being published.

Approving Content

From a group's main page, the Pending approvals tab will show which items have unpublished changes. These items may be newly created content types that have never been published on the live site or content already on the site but with new edits that have not yet been published. While both editors and publishers will be able to see items that are pending approval, only publishers will be able to edit and publish them.

The approval process consists of:

  • Once on the Pending approvals tab, click Edit node next to the item to approve
  • To assist with the approval process, publishers may compare the latest changes with what is already on the published page. Click the Revisions tab at the top of the page.
  • Use the radio buttons to select both the Current revision and the most recent revision
  • Click Compare selected revisions at the bottom of the page.
  • The next page allows you to see items that were removed (shown with red text and a minus [-] symbol at the beginning of the line) and which items were added (shown with green text and a plus [+] symbol at the beginning of the line).
  • If the changes are acceptable and should be published, scroll to the top and click on the more recent version of the content.
  • Change the Moderate status to Published and click Apply.

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