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Creating Jump Links

A jump link is a hyperlink on your webpage that takes visitors further down the same page, rather than to another page on the World Wide Web. Imagine a bulleted list with headings on a web page with a lot of content. That bullet list is like a table of contents that can take a visitor to the section they're looking for within that webpage.

To create jump link in the Web CMS, navigate to the node you're working on (like a basic page) and go to the first location you want people to find. Select the text (for instance of the headline of section) and highlight that text by clicking and dragging. This highlighted text will become the "anchor" so choose the black flag near the link button on the CKeditor.


When you choose that button, a dialog box will appear and you'll need to fill in the name of the anchor. This should be a simple, descriptive word or words.

Now, go back to that list in your table of contents at the top of the page and choose the word or words you want to link this anchor to. Highlight that word or words and choose the "flag/link" button.


Then choose the anchor you create from the dropdown box and click ok.

Click ok, then use a save option and check to make sure that change happened.

This will work best on items lower on your page, so you may not see any change on anchors close to the table of contents.

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