Ohio University

Web CMS Basic Navigation

  • In the web browser of your choice, login to https://webcms.ohio.edu/web-login with your OHIO ID and password.
  • Once logged into the CMS, you will see a black menu bar along the top of the screen. The menu bar will allow you to view and edit your profile as well as see the groups you may access.
  • Users should see a page displaying information about their group status. This will be a listing of the groups, or subsites, they can edit.
  • Click on the group you have access to and then you'll see Menu Permissions to the left of your screen.

This is where you can edit your top and left menus. In order to edit content on your website, you'll need to click on the "Nodes" menu option.

  • Menu | Left: This will allow users to edit the pages listed within the left menu within each group.

Note: Each group has a separate left menu. In other words, the Purchasing group will have a different left menu than the Accounting group.

  • Menu | Top: This will allow users to edit the list of pages within the top menu in green appearing on every page in Your website.

Note: The top menu is shared among all groups within the Your website site. It can only be edited from the Finance group.

  • Nodes: This lists all content types associated with the Group. From here, editors will be able to view and edit specific content.
  • Pending approvals: This lists all edits an editor has made and submitted for review. See Approving Content for more information about the approval process.

Content editing will be driven from the "Nodes table." Clicking on Nodes in the tabbed menu shown above will allow you to see a listing of all pieces of content, or nodes, within your site. The elements that can be added to a site are known as Content Types. Each possible content type is described in the next section.

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