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Adding Tables from Excel Spreadsheets

New or Updated Table Copy/Paste

  1. Highlight all of the cells in your spreadsheet and press Command C (Mac) or Ctrl C (Windows) to copy them.
  2. In your Web CMS content editor, click where you want the cells to appear and press Command V (Mac) or Ctrl V (Windows) to paste all the cells from the spreadsheet.
  3. If Web CMS asks if you want to clean the document, choose OK.
  4. Highlight all of the cells in the table you just pasted and click the icon for Remove Formatting
  5. Right click inside the table and choose Table Properties
  6. Change the Headers dropdown to display First Row and click OK.
  7. Left-click inside the table and choose Sortable Table from the Styles drop-down menu in the rich text editor toolbar:
  8. Save your page as usual.

Responsive and Accessible Tables

Here is more information about creating W3C WCAG 2.0 AA compliant data tables: