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Web CMS provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to author, administer, and manage web pages without requiring the user to have extensive knowledge of web markup and programming languages.



  • Simple content updates without the need to know how to write code.
  • Template-based designs provide consistent look and feel that adheres to OHIO brand standards.
  • Easily add images, upload documents and manage your site's navigation
  • Editor and Publisher permission levels to manage who can maintain content and who can make changes live.
  • Built-in integration with the Calendar of University Events (CUE) to easily include events on your website.


This support service offering is managed in partnership with University Communications and Marketing (UCM) and is available to faculty and staff. Web CMS websites must be sponsored by a permanent faculty or staff member with budgetary authority, and that person agrees to take responsibility for the content and oversight of that website. This service is not available for course materials, personal websites or portfolios of work. This service is not available to students or student organizations. Website and content requests from eligible faculty and staff should be submitted directly to UCM.

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