Ohio University

Custom Web Addresses

OIT offers two solutions for custom web addresses to help users provide easy access to content or redirect users from an old web address to a new one. Read our guidelines on the usage of Custom Web Addresses.

  • Vanity Web Addresses (Vanity URLs) allow for creating shorter, easy-to-read ohio.edu website addresses for the purpose of simplified marketing and sharing of an online service. These include addresses similar to ohio.edu/my-website. All vanity web addresses are subject to the Ohio University Branding Guidelines and approval by OIT.
  • Redirects are a solution for directing web traffic from one URL to a different URL with the same or similar content. Redirects may only be used to send website traffic to other official ohio.edu online resources.


This service is available to faculty and staff. This service is not available for course materials, personal use such as a personal portfolio of work, or a personal website. This service is not available to students or student organizations.

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