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Personal Websites Setup Guide

Wordpress Sites

Wordpress Admin User Login

  1. Your site has a unique path to the Wordpress Admin. It takes the form: 
  2. The username is your full email address.  
  3. If you do not remember your password, you can do a password reset from this page. 
    • Wordpress will send you an email from wordpress@sites.ohio.edu. This message may end up in the junk folder if you don’t receive it in a few minutes. 
Wordpress lost your password circled in red

Using Wordpress

OIT does not support Wordpress directly. For help using Wordpress, there are many online resources. Here are a few to get your started:

  1. Wordpress Tutorials: https://wordpress.com/learn/  
  2. Wordpress.org Forums: https://wordpress.org/support/
  3. WP Beginner: https://www.wpbeginner.com
  4. Dreamhost Guide to Wordpress: https://www.dreamhost.com/wordpress/basics/

Non-Wordpress Sites

You can also host static websites on the personal websites service. This includes the use of HTML, CSS, and JS files. No access to databases or other scripting languages is provided. 

Files are managed on the personal websites service using the WP File Manager plugin in Wordpress. Wordpress is installed by default on all sites with this plugin installed and activated.

Using the WP File Manager

  1. Login to the Wordpress Admin for your site.
  2. Once logged in to Wordpress Admin, click WP File Manager in the left menu.
    WP file manager circled in red
  3. The plugin will load and show the root folder for the your site.
    • This is where any new content you are uploading should go.
    • You should NOT remove/change/move any of the Wordpress files already there. This may cause the Wordpress admin to stop working and you will lose access to manage your site.
  4. You can drag-and-drop files to the window or you can click Upload to select files from your local computer.
    WP File manager window to upload files