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Guide: Uploading a Document

Guide to Uploading a Document

An incorrectly uploaded document will not be accessible (visible) to anyone without logging in to CommonSpot. For example, if you have a successful link from an existing web page to a document in CommonSpot, that link will be broken if you do not follow these steps to upload a document.

The following instructions will help you to correctly upload a document into your CommonSpot page. If you have a need to publish non-public documents, please contact Web Services for assistance.

  1. Log in to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/your subsite/manage
    • The Manage : Manage page will appear, as shown next.
  2. Click the semi-transparent pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page to reveal a menu.
    • The icon is barely visible (left picture, below) until the mouse is hovered over it (as in the right picture, below.)
  3. From the revealed menu, choose View Page in CommonSpot.
  4. Click New in the CommonSpot toolbar to reveal the menu shown below:
  5. Click Uploaded Document (circled in illustration above).
    • The Upload New Document window will open, as shown below.
  6. Click the parent of the "manage" subsite. (In many cases the parent is selected by default. In the illustration above, the parent of the "manage" subsite is "academics".)
  7. Click Upload Single Document (circled above)at the bottom left of the window.
    • The Upload New Document window will appear, as shown below.
  8. In the Upload New Document window:
    • Click the Browse button and search for your file on your computer.
    • Provide a title that will help you recall the document later.
    • Provide additional details about the document in the Description field. This is recommended, but optional.
    • Choose a category to ease searching for the document later.
    • You may choose to schedule the availability of the document using the publication date and expiration date fields.
    • Click Save at the bottom right of the window and wait while the document upload process completes.
      • The document is now uploaded to the CommonSpot server.