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Guide: Creating Bookmark Links / Jump Links

Creating a bookmark link requires two steps. The steps are performed in the following order:

  1. Create an anchor, which is the destination the reader will be taken to in the document when a bookmark link is clicked.
  2. Create a bookmark link, which the reader will click in order to go to the destination (anchor) that was created in Step 1
    • As an example, a bookmark link can be used to quickly jump from a link in a summary of topics near the top of a page to the details of the topic farther down in the page.


Create the Anchor

  1. Enter your Manage site.
  2. Click the [Edit] link to view the content of the page in which you want to create a bookmark link.
    • The Datasheet Action page will open.
  1. Select - by clicking and dragging - a destination in the content. This selected text will become the anchor. (Often, an anchor will be located several lines or paragraphs down in the document, such as "Section 2" circled in the picture above.)
  2. When the destination is selected, as shown below, click the Anchor button (flag icon) which is circled in the image below.
  1. Name your anchor (destination), as shown below. It is best to not use spaces.
  2. Click OK.
    • Now the anchor has been created; next, you'll create the bookmark link.

Create the Bookmark Link

  1. Select the text that will be clicked in order to jump to the anchor you just created, as shown next. (Often, this will be text that is located closer to the top of the page than the anchor you just created.)
    • In the image below, "Article 1 Section 2; The House of Representatives" is the text that will be clicked in order to jump to the anchor that was created.
  1. Click the Link button (circled in picture above).
    • The Add Link dialog box will appear.
  2. Leave the URL line empty for the time being. An example is below.
  1. Click the Get link from Server button (circled in image above).
    • The Insert Formatted Test Block Link dialog box will open (shown next).
  1. Select Unregistered URL or Relative Internal URL from the New Type dropdown list, as shown below.
  1. On the empty line above the Link Display field, type the name of the anchor (destination) you created earlier, as shown below. Precede the name with the # symbol.
    • IMPORTANT: precede the name with the # symbol.
  1. Click Save.
    • The Add Link dialog box will reappear. The URL and Link Text will be displayed, as shown below. Note that the URL is the anchor you created, preceded by the # symbol.
  1. Click OK to close the Add Link dialog box.
    Now, your link text is shown as an underlined link, and your anchor (destination) is indicated with a flag icon, as shown below.
  2. Click Submit at the bottom right of the Datasheet Action page.
    • The bookmark link is now complete.