Ohio University

Guide: Creating Links

Part of a web page is the links that go to other pages. This guide will cover how to create links in the rich text editor. You will need to navigate your browser to the manage subsite for this task (i.e., http://author.oit.ohio.edu/yoursite/manage)

  1. Navigate your browser to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/subsite_name/manage
  2. Click Content from the left oriented drop down menu (older sites may be labeled Page Content)
  3. Click [Edit] for the page you want to link the document on (older sites may be labeled [E])
  4. Highlight the text you would like to have linked.
  5. Click on the Link button
  6. Next, either type in an unregistered link in the text field provided, or click on the "Get Link from Server..." button found in the dialog. If a link has already been set from the server, the text field will be grayed out and can be cleared out by pushing the "X" button located next to the "Get Link from Server..." button.
    1. [Note]: To add an email link, you must click "Get Link from Server..." and follow the below instructions.
  7. Select Page or Bookmark on Page from the Type: drop down menu
  8. Click on the Choose... button
  9. Click on Saved Searches and then select Search for Pages in Current Site
  10. Select the page you want to link to, highlight it and click Use Highlighted Page at the bottom of the window. Observe the highlighted text is now linked to the page you selected.