Ohio University

Guide: Adding a New Image

There comes a time when you need an image to demonstrate a point, show who is being talked about, or just to liven up a page. This document guides you through how to insert a new image in the rich text editor. You will need to navigate your browser to the manage subsite for this task (i.e., http://author.oit.ohio.edu/yoursite/manage).

  1. Navigate your browser to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/subsite_name/manage
  2. Click Content from the left oriented drop down menu (older sites may be labeled Page Content)
  3. Click [Edit] for the page you want to link the document on (older sites may be labeled [E])
  4. Place the cursor where you would like to insert the image.
  5. Click the Image Button
  6. From the dialog window provided, click on the "Set New Image..." button,
  7. The Image Properties window appears. Click on the New... button
  8. Click the 'Browse...' button.
    NOTE: The sub site is automatically selected. You may select the parent subsite, but uploading an image to the manage sub site is perfectly okay.
  9. The next window that appears is a browser window to your local computer. Locate and select the image you want to use. Once selected, you can fill in the rest of the information in the window and click Next .
    • The Description field, while optional, is recommended for providing additional details about the image.
    • Choose a Category to ease searching for the document at a later time.
    • Inputting comma separated Keywords will help in locating the image later.
  10. The next screen allows you to review and modify some information about the image. Click Save and observe the image is now on the page where you had the cursor placed.
  11. Finally, you can adjust the size of the image, set your image alignment (left side, right side). When you are happy with your selection, click OK to have it added to the editor.