Ohio University

Web Analytics

Web Analytics provides detailed measurements of web page traffic and visitor behavior. All university web pages created in the Web CMS and CommonSpot come with Web Analytics tracking code built into their templates.


A note on support

We are happy to give website owners access to Web Analytics, but we are not equipped to offer insights or assistance with using the Analytics interface or interpreting your site's analytics. If you would like to learn more about using Analytics, we recommend the Google Analytics Academy.


  • University web site owners and their approved delegates.
  • OIT will audit all university Web Analytics accounts on an annual basis to verify that access is still needed. 

How to Request

To request access to Analytics or additional features like Tag Manager or advanced reporting, the website owner should contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Department name
  • Top level URL of the website(s) whose analytics you wish to view.
  • OHIO IDs of the individuals who should be allowed to view your site's analytics.

NOTE: Multiple individuals can be granted access to a site's Analytics, but only the site owner can place that request.