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Online Proctoring allows students to take a proctored exam on their own device from a location of their choosing if their instructor has enabled the feature for their course. 

Getting Started


All Blackboard courses are already configured to use Proctortrack. For more information about configuring a Blackboard exam for Proctortrack see the How To: Instructors section below.

Downloadable Checklist (DOCX)  

Tips for Instructors

For a more in-depth introduction to Proctortrack and running a successful online proctored test, consider reviewing:


This service is only available if your instructor has enabled it for your course. In addition to the student guide, you can find more information in the How To: Students section below.

Student Guide (DOCX)

Students: Frequently Asked Questions

What if something goes wrong on my computer while taking a test?
  • You can access Proctortrack Support during your exam via the blue chat bubble on the lower right side of your exam page.
  • You may also open a ticket with Verificient (Proctortrack's parent company).
What do I do if the Proctortrack App is stuck on "connecting"?

Fix #1: Ensure you are launching Proctortrack from inside your Blackboard course

Usually, to access your online proctored exam:

  1. Login to Blackboard and navigate to your course
  2. Click Tools, then select Proctortrack.
  3. Click Go to Test next to the exam you're supposed to take.

Otherwise, if you open the Proctortrack app on your computer, it does not know which course or test you are trying to access and will get stuck on "Connecting."

Fix #2: Uninstall and reinstall the Proctortrack app on your computer

When you finish an online proctored exam, you will have the option to Quit the app or Uninstall the app. OIT recommends uninstalling the Proctortrack app at the end of every testing session to ensure that your app is always up-to-date.

If you have a version of the Proctortrack app on your computer currently and would like to uninstall it before your next exam:

Fix #3: Try using a different browser

  • If you're using Firefox, attempt to use Chrome.
  • If you're using Chrome, attempt to use Firefox. 
  • OIT does not recommend using Edge, Explorer, or Safari with Proctortrack. 

Fix #4: Try other troubleshooting methods

You can also see Proctortrack's help article on troubleshooting the Proctortrack App.

What kind of device should I use to take an exam with Proctortrack?

Please see Proctortrack's Technical Requirements web page or the 'Ensure your device can use Proctortrack' section of the Student Guide: Taking an online Proctored Exam via Proctortrack (DOCX).

  • If using a mac device running macOS Catalina 10.15 and above, you must also allow privacy permissions in order for Proctortrack to monitor and record your test session without any issues. Please see Proctortrack's step-by-step instructions for Allowing Proctortrack on macOS Catalina 10.15 and above.

Pro Tip

Minimize competing uses over slow connections: If a student's internet connection is marginal or unreliable, other online activities in their household could interfere with a proctored exam. Power down devices like streaming sticks, phones, tablets, game consoles, and other computers during the exam.

I'm having difficulty with certain browsers, which one is recommended?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended. We do not recommend using Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer.

  • If you're having difficulty with Google Chrome, please make sure you're running the most recent version of the browser. Please see Google's Update Google Chrome Page for instructions.
  • If you're having difficulty with Firefox, please make sure you're running the most recent version of the browser. Please Mozilla's Find What Version of Firefox You're Using Page for instructions.
  • Finally, we recommend, if you're having trouble with Chrome, attempt to use Firefox and if you're having trouble with Firefox, attempt to use Chrome. Simply changing the browser can sometimes alleviate issues. 
What do I do if I'm getting a red "Access Denied" banner in Blackboard after I have downloaded Proctortrack and completed the identity verification?

Fix #1: Check the Exam Availability Window

Students see the "Access Denied" banner when the exam is not available to students in Blackboard.

  • Check to make sure you're within the exam window.

Fix #2: Select the Correct Test in Proctortrack

You may have more than one exam listed in Proctortrack for your course. In order to gain access to the correct exam, you must select the Go to Test button for the correct test. 

  • If you received an "Access Denied" banner, end the proctoring session, return to your course Blackboard site then navigate back to Proctortrack and select the Go to Test button for the correct test.

If you have confirmed you're within the exam window and are choosing the correct test in Proctortrack, but you are still receiving the "Access Denied" banner, please reach out to your instructor to ensure the exam is marked as available to students in Blackboard or contact the Service Desk (servicedesk@ohio.edu)

How do I get the password for my exam?

After you have downloaded/launched the Proctortrack app and you've completed the identity verification portion of the exam, Proctortrack you will be sent back to Blackboard (and a blue border around your screen will indicate that Proctortrack is active).

  1. Once you're back in Blackboard, you will see the password displayed for you or an option to copy the password (if your instructor configured the password to be hidden) at the bottom right of the screen above your webcam video stream.
  2. Click the COPY button.
    • Once you've clicked the COPY button you will have 20 seconds to paste the copied password into the password box in Blackboard.
    • If you do not paste the password within 20 seconds you will need to recopy the password.
  3. Right-click inside the password box and select paste.
What do I do if my copied password won't paste?
  • Once a password is copied, students have 20 seconds to paste the password in the password box in Blackboard. 
  • If you're unable to paste, attempt to click the PASSWORD button at the bottom right of your exam page. Clicking this button with enable the copy password popup again. Click COPY and attempt to paste again by right clicking and selecting Paste. 

Still not working? Try:

  • Clearing your browser cache. For instructions, review how to clear your browser's cache.
  • Using a different browser:
    • If you're using Chrome, attempt to use Firefox.
    • If you're using Firefox, attempt to use Chrome. 
    • OIT does not recommend using Edge, Explorer, or Safari browsers with Proctortrack or Blackboard.
Who should I contact if I need immediate support while taking my exam?

You can contact Proctortrack Support if you're having issues during your proctored exam via the blue chat bubble that is always present at the bottom right corner of your exam screen.

I am having trouble logging in, staying logged in, or registering. What should I do?

If you are getting the login page after clicking "Go To Next" on the How It Works page, you need to change your third-party cookie settings.

Please see Proctortrack's help articles for your browser. NOTE: OIT does not recommend using Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer with Proctortrack.

Proctortrack is running slowly on my Mac

If you have an older Mac, especially one with 2GB of RAM, Proctortrack has some useful steps to make things run more smoothly.

How do I pay for my proctored exam?
  • Students are prompted to pay for their exam after clicking the Go to Test button on their Proctortrack Student Dashboard. Students do not need to pay for Onboarding Exams.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Proctoring is the default version of Proctortrack. Automated Proctoring is $5 per test per student.
    • AI Proctoring simply means that monitoring during the exam is only performed via artificial intelligence.
  • Live Proctoring is $8 per test per student.
    • In addition to the artificial intelligence monitoring, Live Proctoring employs a human proctor that monitors you through the Proctortrack app on your smartphone.
Who should I reach out to for help with Proctortrack?
  • For questions about the exam's date/time, requirements, and availability, ask your instructor.
  • For difficulties accessing or installing/uninstalling Proctortrack, as well as questions about how Proctortrack works, contact the IT Service Desk.
  • For difficulties downloading or launching the Proctortrack app, or for issues that arise during your exam, contact Proctortrack support.
    • During your exam, you can click the blue chat bubble at the bottom left corner of your exam screen to contact Proctortrack support.
    • Proctortrack support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
I keep getting flagged for suspicious activity. How do I avoid this?

Be sure to thoroughly read your instructor's test requirements, which are displayed at the start of your exam. Note that Proctortrack monitors your eye movements, so moving your eyes away from your screen (or other resources, if your instructor allows them) may trigger a flag.

I am concerned about privacy of my computer while using Proctortrack. How much access does this app have?
  • Each tool that Ohio University uses has been through a thorough security review.
  • Proctortrack only monitors your computer while the app is active. At the end of your proctored exam, you have the option to delete the app.
  • Please see Proctortrack's Privacy Policy for more information.
I have concerns about my network connection. How reliable does my connection have to be in order to take an exam with Proctortrack?

High-speed internet is required: Cable Modem, DSL, or better (300kbps download, 250 kbps upload).

This information can also be found on the Proctortrack Technical Requirements web page.

Why does Proctortrack force me to download the app every time I take an exam?
  • At the end of each exam, you are prompted to either quit the app or uninstall it.
    • Proctortrack no longer requires students to download the app each time to ensure the most up to date app. Students can uninstall or leave the app installed if desired.  

How To


Setting up an online proctored exam

Onboarding your students

Students must successfully complete Proctortrack's onboarding 24-48 hours before taking their first exam. Ensure that all students complete onboarding well before the deadline for your first online proctored exam. For full details on onboarding your students see this Tips for Instructors page.

Reviewing an Exam