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Help and Resources: Online Proctoring

Due to OHIO courses moving to remote and online delivery, Ohio University students will not be required to pay proctoring fees for automated proctoring for all Fall and Spring 2020-21 courses.

Online Proctoring allows students to take a proctored exam on their own device from a location of their choosing if their instructor has enabled the feature for their course. 

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Getting Started


All Blackboard courses are already configured to use Proctortrack. For more information about configuring a Blackboard exam for Proctortrack see the How To: Instructors section below.

downloadable ChecklisT (DOcX)  

Tips for Instructors

For a more in-depth introduction to Proctortrack and running a successful online proctored test, consider reviewing:


This service is only available if your instructor has enabled it for your course. In addition to the student guide, you can find more information in the How To: Students section below.

Student Guide (DOCX)

Students: Frequently Asked Questions

How To


The instructions below go along with this Proctortrack Demo (video hosted on Panopto).

Setting up an online proctored exam

Onboarding your students

Students must successfully complete Proctortrack's onboarding 24-48 hours before taking their first exam. Ensure that all students complete onboarding well before the deadline for your first online proctored exam. For full details on onboarding your students see this Tips for Instructors page.

Reviewing an Exam