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On-Campus Proctoring

On campus proctoring is provided by OHIO Testing Services for online courses that require in-person supervision of students while taking their high-stakes exams.

Temporary safety precautions: Athens campus Testing Services follows the Presidential Health Directives and OHIO’s interim policy 44.102 for community health requirements. In addition to the health directives outlined in the above two resources, the OHIO Testing Services will also implement the below measures to decrease density and comply with the above policy and Health Directives:

  • No walk-in testing is allowed, all student examinations will need to be scheduled at least 36-hours prior to the exam. Testing capacity is limited, please schedule your exam as soon as you are able to secure your exam time. 
  • Social distancing markers have been placed on the floor of the Testing Center. We expect students and staff to follow social distancing guidelines and use the social distancing markers to ensure proper distancing between themselves and other students and staff.
  • On premise waiting is allowed for a limited number of test takers, on a first come-first serve basis. 
  • Test taker processing may take longer than usual. All test takers are expected to come prepared for their exam (e.g. make sure you have a photo ID with you, or if an exam has a fee, it is expected that students have paid the free prior to arriving to the Testing Center).  


  • OHIO faculty and staff can request on-campus proctoring for high-stakes exams in their OHIO online course.
  • OHIO students may schedule an on-campus proctored exam as required for their OHIO online course.

How to Request


Scheduling your exam:

  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to schedule each exam. To schedule an exam in the Athens Testing Center, please schedule your exam using the link below at least 36 hours prior to the test time.
  • If your exam has a fee, please make sure you have paid for it in advance. All testing materials needed will be provided by OHIO Testing Services.

Click here to schedule an exam

Taking your exam:

  • Please arrive with a photo ID to take your scheduled exam.
  • Secure lockers are provided for all personal items, including cell phones and smart watches.
  • eBooks are not permitted in the testing center.
  • Only calculators approved for ACT testing will be permitted in the Testing Center.
    • These calculators are NOT approved: TI Nspire CAS with touchpad, TI Nspire CX CAS, TI Nspire CX II CAS, TI Nspire CX II
  • Be aware that you will be monitored by video surveillance and computer software while testing.


Please follow the information below if you would like OHIO Testing Services to oversee the proctoring of your online course exams. 

Creating a Professor account within RegisterBlast:

First time users of RegisterBlast will need to create a professor account using the link below before submitting exams.  All new accounts will need to be approved before you will be able to submit exams.

Click here to create a professor account 

Instructor exam submission within RegisterBlast:

Complete the exam submission form using the link below for each exam you need proctored.  Click here for an overview of the steps needed to complete our form. If you need further assistance in setting up your exam, contact Testing Services at 740-593-1040 and we can walk you through the process.

Click here to submit an exam

Exams will be available immediately for students to begin scheduling exams once submitted.

Please have the following information ready:

  • Test name, Course name and section number
  • Upload documents for paper-based exams or handouts
  • Computer or paper based
  • Blackboard exam password, if applicable
  • Opening date of the exam
  • Closing date of the exam
  • Time allowance for the exam
  • List of materials that students are permitted to use while taking the exam
  • Calculator type, if applicable


Athens Campus

Bromley Hall ground floor

42 West Union St.

Athens OH 45701

Enter through the doors facing West Union St.


Testing Services observes all University holidays. Regular hours are subject to change. Additional days/hours may be offered during midterms and finals. Those will be reflected in RegisterBlast when scheduling. 

  • Monday: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am - 5 pm 
  • Wednesday: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Regional Campuses

Please be aware that hours, availability, and testing fees may vary. For most up-to-date information, please contact the appropriate regional testing center at the below links or phone numbers. 

Ohio University, Chillicothe

For information about hours, address, fees, and more please visit the Chillicothe Campus Testing Center's home page

Schedule an exam at the Ohio University Chillicothe Campus Testing Center.

Ohio University Southern

For information about hours, address, fees, and more please visit the Southern Campus Testing Center's home page.

Schedule an exam at the Ohio University Southern Campus Testing Center.

Ohio University, Lancaster

For information about hours, address, fees, and more please visit the Lancaster Campus Testing Center's home page.

Schedule an exam at the Testing Center for Ohio University Lancaster Campus

Ohio University, Eastern

For information about hours, address, fees, and more please visit the Eastern Campus Testing Center's home page.

Ohio University, Zanesville

For information about hours, address, fees, and more please visit the Zanesville Campus Testing Center's home page.